wrist surgery helped patient golf again

Dr. Haber Performs Wrist Surgery and Helps TOCA Patient Restore Nerve Damage and Get Back to Playing Golf!

Dr. Joseph Haber, MD, of The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) is board certified in orthopedics and plastic surgery and fellowship trained in hand and wrist surgery. He treats conditions ranging from simple hand pain to tendonitis and acute trauma as well as complex reconstruction for rheumatoid patients. Dr. Haber is also the hand surgery consultant for the Arizona State University Athletic Department.  

TOCA patient Libby D. was able to recover from a freak accident in record time thanks to wrist surgery and the care and treatment she received from TOCA and Dr. Haber. Read about her experience, below:  

“As a result of a freak accident, a glass shattered cutting my wrist and caused nerve damage in two fingertips. I contacted The Orthopedic Clinic Association and saw Dr. Haber. He suggested that I have wrist surgery as soon as possible, which was a bit shocking! I had surgery the following week with follow-up treatment for this nerve damage. My experience with TOCA has been very positive, especially receiving hand/wrist care from Dr. Haber.

Since the surgery in August 2019, I was able to play golf again in THREE short months (no lessons from Dr. Haber). I have been very pleased with the healing and results over the past six months. I would recommend TOCA for any type of orthopedic care!”

~Libby D., TOCA Wrist Surgery Patient