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Is There a Spine Doctor Near Me for Interventional Spine Treatment?

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Is spine or back pain prohibiting you from enjoying the activities you love? Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who simply wants to keep up with your grandkids, minimally invasive interventional spine treatment may be a highly effective solution for you! Searching for “spine doctor near me” when you’re looking for pain relief can result in even more questions.

What is Interventional Spine Treatment?

The goal of interventional spine treatment is to identify the root source of the patient’s pain and then administer treatment directly to the pain source to alleviate pain without surgery. Specially trained physicians utilize imaging technology to employ non-surgical, minimally invasive techniques to precisely pinpoint and treat back pain.

Interventional spine treatment includes a variety of treatments to help patients achieve pain relief without surgery. Initially, a comprehensive exam will be performed to identify the patient’s problems and goals so that a customized interventional spine treatment plan can be implemented. Treatment options include:

Administering injections into specific places in the spine to achieve long-term pain relief.

Radiofrequency may also be conducted where the specialist uses an X-ray-guided needle to inject radiofrequency and heat into the affected nerves to prevent them from transmitting pain “signals” to the body.

Percutaneous Discectomy with an endoscope is performed to take pressure off a pinched nerve from a disc herniation. The procedure is done as an outpatient process with the patient discharged home with a small bandage on the incision.

Kyphoplasty is used to treat painful compression fractures with bone cement to stabilize the fracture and allow a return to normal activities.

Other minimally invasive spine intervention techniques use small, precise incisions and special tools to reach specific areas of the spine and prevent damage to surrounding muscles and ligaments. Spine interventional treatments are typically administered on an outpatient basis with patients reaping the following key benefits:

  • Quick recovery
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less reliance on post-operative pain medication
  • Efficient and effective long-term pain relief!

Are You A Good Candidate for Interventional Spine Treatment?

Which patients can benefit the most from interventional spine treatment? Individuals who have already tried other conservative pain relief methods but who are still experiencing chronic pain should inquire about interventional spine treatment. In addition, patients who are still experiencing pain following a spine surgery may be good candidates for interventional procedures. Their pain may result from nerve damage or scar tissue that can be effectively addressed by minimally invasive interventional spine treatment.

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If your chronic spine pain is holding you back and you’re looking for a “spine doctor near me”, it is time to take action by contacting TOCA for a spine intervention consult. Dr. Christopher W. Huston is a veteran TOCA physician who is fellowship-trained in interventional spine treatment. As TOCA’s Interventional Spine Fellowship Director, he also trains physicians from across the country on cutting-edge spine treatment techniques. Dr. Huston has published research, abstracts, book chapters, and lectured at national and international meetings on topics regarding spine problems. He has reviewed for various medical journals and has served as spine consultant for the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury and the Milwaukee Brewers. Whether treating high school, collegiate, or professional athletes, weekend warriors, or those who simply want their regular lifestyle back, Dr. Huston is committed to working closely with patients to identify treatment options to help meet their goals and maximize their function.


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