TOCA Employee Sandra Vega

“One of our long time and beloved employees, Sandra Vega has passed away from a long term battle with Cancer. She was a fighter, a mother, a grandmother, a gracious friend and a dedicated TOCA employee.

Many of us had the pleasure of working with Sandra at TOCA for over 17 years. She started out as an operator and worked her way into the scheduling department and ultimately ended up heading the Industrial department. She worked tirelessly over the years and never let her sickness slow her down. It was rare that Sandra would miss a day of work even while going through treatment. Sandra helped to develop and maintain the high quality of the industrial department and her dedication and kindness will not be forgotten.

She was a joy to be around always laughing and being positive even in the face of her struggle. Sandra has left her imprint on the face of this company and within the hearts of the employees and peers she worked with.”

– Kyle Nelson TOCA CEO