Dr. Christopher W. Huston is fellowship-trained in the diagnosis, rehabilitation and utilization of interventional spine procedures for the treatment of painful spine disorders. He reviews for various medical journals, which has included the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Physical Medicine, and Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Dr. Huston has served on several award, planning, and spine committees for the Physiatric Association of Spine, Sports & Occupational Rehabilitation. Additionally, he served as assistant chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the U.S. Army in Washington, D.C.

He has published various scientific abstracts, manuscripts, articles, and book chapters for various physical medicine, rehabilitation and spine disorder publications regarding spine disorders and interventions. Dr. Huston is regularly asked to present on those topics across North America. He is the TOCA Interventional Spine Fellowship Director. Physicians from across the country apply for the TOCA Interventional Spine Fellowship to work with Dr. Huston.

Our Patients love Dr. Huston!

Amazed at the service I received from you!! I had an appointment with “another” orthopedic practice set for 9 days and they called me the DAY before to tell me they now didn’t take my insurance (info I could have used EIGHT DAYS AGO!!) I endured the pain for 8 days! Then I called your practice and had an appointment in two hours!..here’s how it went…

I went to TOCA at 2222 E. Highland at 2pm … filled out paperwork and they said they’d get me right in..less than 5 minutes later I’m in the room..less than 3 minutes later Dr. is in..he say X-ray will be right in.. less than 30 seconds later I’m off to X’ray..10 minutes later I’m back in the room…3 minutes later & the Dr. is back in the room and explains no rips or tears just arthritis that I can help heal with anti-inflammatories and excercise…say they will be right in to drain my knee and give me a cortisone shot..less than 1 minute later the tech is there and less than 3 minutes later procedure is done and I have instructions…I ask if it’s OK to see the X-rays and the doctor says “Sure!” and explains everything and give me a quick biology lesson to boot! By MILES the most efficient Doctor visit I have had EVER! Amazing … I’m inviting them to St. Croix! THIS is how to run a practice!!!

Toca is the place to get all your worn out and damaged parts repaired and replaced. I’ve had Dr Cummings repair my knee, Dr Lederman replace my shoulder, Dr Burgess relieve the carpal tunnel pains in my hands. No more numb hands. Plus, Dr Huston helped me with my back. It’s not just the Doctors, but the anesthesiologists they use are all top notch. If you have worn out your body, this is the place to go. Better living through surgery.

My employment saw me transfer to Arizona nine years ago. I had a long-standing prior orthopedic conditions and found myself needing a good practice in Arizona. A friend recommended TOCA. Currently I see Dr. Huston and Dr. Johnsen. In the past I’ve seen Dr. Whistler and Dr. Feng. All have been good care providers.

About my visit today with Dr. Huston and his staff/team, I’ve had back trouble for nearly 50 years so I’m not naive about medical personnel and practices or about what to expect and not expect from treatment. So with a near lifetime of experiences with this issue and various practices I can tell you that Dr. Huston and his team and TOCA are greatly appreciated. Dr. Huston is always caring and personable and knows my history. He respects my opinion about why I’m there to see him and listens to my concerns. I see him usually in Scottsdale but on occasion in Phoenix or Tempe. Jamie his PA is terrific and like Dr. Huston, takes the time to listen well. Generally, the front desk staffs at all locations are friendly. Considering how busy your offices can be sometimes their demeanor is very good. In Scottsdale, most know me by first name.

In regards to today’s visit for the spinal block, I’m well acquainted with the team that works with Dr. Huston in the Scottsdale Location. Gerri in the back room is the one I probably know the best, she is terrific. However, any who’ve been there any length of time know me and are very friendly, efficient, kind and fun.

Having recently retired after running a fairly large, multi-office Arizona company, I believe I have understanding about what it takes to operate a company as large as TOCA. I just wanted you to know that I believe TOCA is an excellent operation with very good doctors and staff. They take good care of me and make me smile, hopefully I do the same for them.

Dr. Huston in the News

One of Dr. Huston's articles was cited in The Korean Journal of Pain. Keep reading to see the original article on PubMed!

We're celebrating Dr. Huston for being in the Top 5% of The American Registry's "Most Honored Professionals."

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) specialists diagnosis, treat and rehabilitate individuals suffering from a wide variety of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions.

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