P. Dean Cummings, M.D.

P. Dean Cummings, M.D. is an expert in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine with an emphasis on treating disorders of the elbow, shoulder and knee. He has been an invited faculty member of prestigious institutions across the country. Dr. Cummings has also served on many orthopedic and sports medicine committees throughout his career. His abstracts, manuscripts, and articles have been published in numerous scientific journals, magazines and textbooks. His lectures and presentations have gained national and international recognition.

Dr. Cummings is a team physician and orthopedic consultant at Arizona State University and works with the athletes, as well as the general student population.


TENEX Health

Dr. P. Dean Cummings is a Tenex provider for treatment of the elbow and knee. Tenex Health TX™ is a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedure used to treat cases of tendinitis, including Plantar Faciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Combining ultrasound imaging with the specially designed  MicroTip™, Tenex Health TX™ cleans and removes damaged tissue, helping patients quickly recover from painful tendinitis.To learn more about Tenex Health TX™, please visit: tenexhealth.com

Our Patients love Dr. Cummings!

I had a vein issue that they did not take lightly, rushed me in for an ultrasound, and even called me the day after my visits to make sure I was doing OK. Dr. Cummings has great bedside manner and both he and Justin took the time to educate me on the overall process and what was going on with my knee. Both of them were on hand for my surgery at Piper Surgery Center in Scottsdale, AZ. They furthered this excellent experience by taking the time to help my wife understand the meds I was taking and the care that I would need post-op.

Lastly, the staff and everyone involved with my experience continue to be nothing more than helpful on my road to recovery.

I saw Dr. Cummings for pain in my elbow.  He diagnosed me with “tennis” elbow.  He has a wonderful bedside manner, and explained things in layman’s terms to me.

I was ordered to go to physical therapy 3 x a week for 6 weeks.  Every single hand therapist I worked with there were awesome (Stephen, Debbie, Loni).   They were all knowledgeable and friendly.  Even the other “patients” were interesting.  I definitely didn’t dread going there.

Great place, fabulous caring staff!  Do yourself a favor and come here, for all your orthopedic needs! Dean Cummings is straight up honest and amazing! Love this place,  very comfortable and comforting!

Amazed at the service I received from you!! I had an appointment with “another” orthopedic practice set for 9 days and they called me the DAY before to tell me they now didn’t take my insurance (info I could have used EIGHT DAYS AGO!!) I endured the pain for 8 days! Then I called your practice and had an appointment in two hours!..here’s how it went…

I went to TOCA at 2222 E. Highland at 2pm … filled out paperwork and they said they’d get me right in..less than 5 minutes later I’m in the room..less than 3 minutes later Dr. is in..he say X-ray will be right in.. less than 30 seconds later I’m off to X’ray..10 minutes later I’m back in the room…3 minutes later & the Dr. is back in the room and explains no rips or tears just arthritis that I can help heal with anti-inflammatories and excercise…say they will be right in to drain my knee and give me a cortisone shot..less than 1 minute later the tech is there and less than 3 minutes later procedure is done and I have instructions…I ask if it’s OK to see the X-rays and the doctor says “Sure!” and explains everything and give me a quick biology lesson to boot! By MILES the most efficient Doctor visit I have had EVER! Amazing … I’m inviting them to St. Croix! THIS is how to run a practice!!!

Toca is the place to get all your worn out and damaged parts repaired and replaced. I’ve had Dr Cummings repair my knee, Dr Lederman replace my shoulder, Dr Burgess relieve the carpal tunnel pains in my hands. No more numb hands. Plus, Dr Huston helped me with my back. It’s not just the Doctors, but the anesthesiologists they use are all top notch. If you have worn out your body, this is the place to go. Better living through surgery.

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