Dr. Lederman and colleagues review how bone reacts to shoulder replacements and document the potential benefit and safety of short stem shoulder implants

Title: Radiographic changes differ between two different short press-fit humeral stem designs in total shoulder arthroplasty

Patrick J. Denard MD, Matthew P Noyes MD, J B Walker MD, Youself Shishani MD, Reuben Gobezie MD, Anthony A Romeo MD, Evan S. Lederman MD


The purpose of this study was to compare the radiographic changes of the humerus in the short term after total shoulder arthroplasty with two different short-stem humeral components. The hypothesis was that there would be no difference in radiographic changes or functional outcome based on component type.

Full article available: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jse.2017.08.010

The Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Volume 27, Issue 2, February 2018, Pages 217-223