Dr. Haber Performs Wrist Surgery and Helps TOCA Patient Restore Nerve Damage and Get Back to Playing Golf!

Dr. Joseph Haber, MD, of The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) is board certified in orthopedics and plastic surgery and fellowship trained in hand and wrist surgery. He treats conditions ranging from simple hand pain to tendonitis and acute trauma as well as complex reconstruction for rheumatoid patients. Dr. Haber is also the hand surgery consultant for the Arizona State University Athletic Department.  

TOCA patient Libby D. was able to recover from a freak accident in record time thanks to wrist surgery and the care and treatment she received from TOCA and Dr. Haber. Read about her experience, below:  

“As a result of a freak accident, a glass shattered cutting my wrist and caused nerve damage in two fingertips. I contacted The Orthopedic Clinic Association and saw Dr. Haber. He suggested that I have wrist surgery as soon as possible, which was a bit shocking! I had surgery the following week with follow-up treatment for this nerve damage. My experience with TOCA has been very positive, especially receiving hand/wrist care from Dr. Haber.

Since the surgery in August 2019, I was able to play golf again in THREE short months (no lessons from Dr. Haber). I have been very pleased with the healing and results over the past six months. I would recommend TOCA for any type of orthopedic care!”

~Libby D., TOCA Wrist Surgery Patient

TOCA Patient Has Shoulder Replacement and Regains Use of Arm, Thanks to Dr. Samuel Harmsen!

Dr. Samuel Harmsen, MD, of The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) is fellowship trained in elbow and shoulder surgery, with advanced training in complex elbow and shoulder replacement and reconstruction. He also treats general orthopedic trauma of the upper and lower extremities. TOCA patient Charlie R. was resigned to the possibility that he would never use his right arm again – until he visited TOCA and received expert care and treatment from Dr. Harmsen. Read about his life changing experience below:

“Since 1992, I have had three shoulder replacements done on my right shoulder. The last one was in 2005 and when the surgeon finished, he told me to not shake hands with that arm and to guard it as he had very little to attach everything to. Since that time, I have had very minimal use of that arm. I could not raise it over my head, had difficulty putting a coat/shirts on and many times that arm would just move for no reason; while eating, I would have no control over it. In October, the pain became so bad and I did lose use of the arm. I could not move the arm to opposite side, and the pain was beyond excruciating. I was recommended to TOCA and I was assigned to Dr. Harmsen.

After x-rays and consultation, he scheduled shoulder replacement surgery and he said, ‘I believe I will get rid of your pain as I know it is bad, however if you have any use of the arm, that will be a bonus.’ My reply was: ‘I can live without using my arm, but this pain will kill me, so do the surgery.’

On October 22, 2019, he did the surgery and it was a difficult surgery getting all the old stuff out and he did a total reversible shoulder replacement. All I can say is, I am so thankful that God gave Dr. Harmsen the desire to be a surgeon and that Dr. Harmsen desired to be the best, as his skills gave me back my arm/shoulder! The pain is almost gone and I have use of my arm that I haven’t had in probably 20 years. Not only was he a very skilled surgeon, his bed side manners are good (and that means a lot).”

Charlie R., TOCA Shoulder Replacement Patient

Thank You, Dr. Yacobucci and TOCA Physical Therapy Clinic Staff!

As a Valley police sergeant, TOCA patient Brian R. was eager to get back to work quickly following a biceps tenodesis surgery performed by Dr. Gerald Yacobucci, MD. Brian reached out to The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) to express his gratitude for the exceptional treatment he received from Dr. Yacobucci and TOCA’s Scottsdale Physical Therapy Clinic team. Read more about Brian’s experience (and remarkable recovery!) below.

“In July 2019, I underwent a biceps tenodesis surgery performed by Dr. Gerald Yacobucci at TOCA. Dr. Yacobucci understood that my work as a police sergeant is important to me and I had no interest in being on restricted duty any longer than necessary. The week following my surgery, he had me begin physical therapy with the Scottsdale TOCA staff. During a follow-up visit weeks later, Dr. Yacobucci asked how my therapy was progressing, from my point of view. I’d like to share that with you today.

“Julie ran the office like a well-oiled machine, always taking care to make sure my appointments were scheduled to accommodate me as best as possible and she ensured my co-pays were handled correctly. She always met me with a smile and a kind word.

“Nikki ensured all of TOCA’s Physical Therapy Clinic staff handled patient care with kindness and professionalism, while bringing levity and accountability to the process. She ALWAYS took me to task if I strayed from the limited movements I was supposed to be adhering to, for which I will be eternally grateful. She did so because she cares greatly and knew how important it was to me to get through PT as soon as possible while healing properly.

“Madison worked with me most days, seeing to it that I was staying on schedule and answering all of my questions patiently (no pun intended!) and expertly. I had complete confidence in her abilities as a therapist and she always took stellar care of me, greeting me with a smile even on her longest days when I was usually her last patient of the day.

“Emily also worked with me nearly every day. She was an endless source of entertainment! Between her and Madison, I am not exaggerating when I say PT was the highlight of my day 3 days a week for 3 months while I was away from my normal gym routine and missing it terribly!

“In short, I understand and appreciate the importance of great customer service and patient care. I was released back to full duty without restrictions 3 months following my surgery, a full month ahead, I’m told, of other patients who had surgery the same day that I did. I have no doubt that I would have spent another month in PT had it not been for the care I received from Nikki, Madison and Emily. I’m not only back at work without restrictions, I’m back in the gym and pain-free for the first time in 2 years. I recommend your staff to anyone who asks and if (God forbid!) I had to go through it again, I would absolutely choose Dr. Yacobucci and TOCA Scottsdale Physical Therapy Clinic staff for my physical therapy needs. Thanks for everything!”

Brian R., TOCA Patient