Sports Medicine Doctor Anuj Netto Shares Tips for Athletes to Avoid Injury

The Orthopedic Clinic Association (TOCA) has proudly served as orthopedic consultants for the Arizona State University (ASU) Sun Devils for the past 50 years! And TOCA hand, wrist, shoulder and elbow specialist and sports medicine doctor, Dr. Anuj Netto was recently invited to appear live on ASU Sun Devil Radio’s Pre-Game Tip Off show leading into the ASU vs. USC men’s basketball game.

Dr. Netto is board certified and fellowship trained in orthopedic surgery and specializes in treating all conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. In addition to helping patients with arthritic and joint conditions, Dr. Netto routinely treats athletes who are recovering from common sports injuries such as ligament strains and sprains, as well as golf and tennis elbow, and bone fractures. As a sports medicine doctor, Dr. Netto shares tips for athletes to avoid injury in this pre-game broadcast.

On-air, Dr. Netto advised listeners to pay attention to their bodies and seek help for pain from a sports medicine doctor rather than fighting through the pain. The latter can set athletes up for prolonged injury which can end careers and affect their future chances of playing. He also stressed that good hydration and nutrition along with proper warm up and cool down before physical activity can help prevent common sports injuries.

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