Workers Compensation Injury Care

Just make one call to 602-512-8409 and our dedicated team of Industrial Support Specialists will help you with all the details of your care.

TOCA takes your comfort and time seriously.

Whether your daily routine involves manual labor or you spend most of your time desk-bound, we know pain is a very real issue in the working world, and we go out of our way to keep it from interfering with your work.

As such, TOCA would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the industrial communities that support our services. We understand that time is valuable and schedules are tight, so we’ve implemented a new system that helps you make appointments for industrial patients with the utmost ease. Our dedicated team of Industrial Support Specialists will be your primary contact for setting up appointments with all of our physicians….this means you won’t have to juggle your calendar simply to book a consultation.

Just make one call, and we’ll help you through the details: 602-512-8409

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Phoenix Magazine has consistently awarded TOCA doctors with the coveted Top Doctor award since 1996 – the very first year the award was introduced!

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