It’s Sandal Season: Tips for Buying Pain-Free Sandals!

It’s Sandal Season: Tips for Buying Pain-Free Sandals!

Shoes that are flimsy can be a pain in the back (and the hips, knees and feet). When you’re buying sandals, keep your cool with styles that do your body good.

Here’s what to look for this season when buying pain-free sandals:

* Quality: It may be tempting to purchase a sandal that is cheaply priced and cheaply made. Some stores will sell flip-flops for a dollar a pair, but what you save in money will cost you in pain and discomfort. Poor quality and flimsy flip-flops have a high probability of causing blisters and other types of irritation. Before buying any footwear, make sure to check the material quality and durability.

* Arch support effectiveness: Many cheaply made flip-flops are constructed with pieces of unsupported foam. If you plan on wearing them for longer periods than a quick trip to the store, you’ll need stronger soles with adequate support for the arch.

* Sturdiness: Before making your purchase, be sure the flip-flops have the correct bend. A good way to do so is to gently bend the sole from one end to other. If the sole bends in half, rather than at the ball of the foot, it isn’t sturdy enough to withstand long-term wear.

*Comfort: As with any shoe, you need to be sure that the flip-flop fits correctly. Your foot should not hang off the front or back of the sole. Also be sure that the flip-flops are the correct width for your foot. When you walk, they should conform to your feet without shifting or slipping.

* Activity usefulness: Before you even start to look for flip-flops, decide what type of activity they’ll most likely be used for. Will they be used to trek mountains or to keep your feet from getting burned when walking from your beach towel to the water? Will you be walking in them for hours at a time, or just quick jaunts? The more you plan on using them, the more support you’ll need to look for when purchasing.

* Pay attention to the rest of your body: Sandals may cause more than just foot pain. If somebody’s foot pronates, in which the arch collapses, it could put strain on other parts of the body. If you wear flip-flops without support, it could cause strain and pain in the knees, hip, and lower back.

Your foot health should always be a priority. If you suffer from a foot or ankle condition, set up an appointment with one of our TOCA foot and ankle doctors learn more by call 602-277-6211 or visit our website at!

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