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Gerald Yacobucci, M.D.

Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic & Reconstructive Surgery of the Knee & Shoulder

Gerald Yacobucci, M.D. is an expert in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. He trained at one of the leading Sports Medicine Centers in the United states at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He has specialty training in sports medicine and additional training and experience in surgery to restore damaged or deficient cartilage in the knee. He has published articles in orthopedic and sports medicine journals, presented on numerous topics, and participated in clinical research.

KNEE PRESERVATION: “My mission is to provide patients with damaged knees all available options to relieve pain and restore maximum function and most importantly, delay or eliminate the need for Total Knee Replacement. My Sports Medicine background has taught me to approach these complex knees from a preserve and protect standpoint…..that is, to only repair what is damaged and to never replace what is still viable. That said, I always use biology (growing or grafting with living tissue) when available and only move on to prosthetic (non-biologic) implantation when all else fails. If biology is not an option, I use a minimalist approach to prosthetic implantation, using mini-implants that Resurface only the damaged areas….leaving the remainder of the knee intact. Partial Knee Replacement is explored in many cases when the patient is younger and has a large portion of the knee that is undamaged.”

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At your appointment, Dr. Yacobucci will spend as much time as you need in face- to-face discussion with you about your condition. He will use anatomy models and diagrams to explain the details of your problem as well as all of the available options for your treatment. If surgery is needed, he will outline a detailed plan for your procedure and recovery, including the all-important timeline for “return to action” … whether it’s work, sports, a quality lifestyle – or all three.

Dr. Yacobucci has served as the team physician and orthopedic surgeon for the Arizona Rattlers arena football team. He also treats athletes from numerous schools in the Valley.

Dr. Gerald Yacobucci serves these TOCA locations: