Dr. Duhon is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports injuries, fractures, and joint replacement including joint revision surgery. He has been fellowship trained in adult reconstructive surgery. Dr. Duhon also serves as a medical consultant for a major orthopedic implant company and serves as a consultant for orthopedic companies on design and physician education. He is one of the few physicians in the Phoenix area educated in hip resurfacing techniques. Dr. Duhon serves as Team Physician for local area schools. He also serves on the Medical Education Committee at St. Luke’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Regional Hospital.

Our Patients love Dr. Duhon!

Amazed at the service I received from you!! I had an appointment with “another” orthopedic practice set for 9 days and they called me the DAY before to tell me they now didn’t take my insurance (info I could have used EIGHT DAYS AGO!!) I endured the pain for 8 days! Then I called your practice and had an appointment in two hours!..here’s how it went…

I went to TOCA at 2222 E. Highland at 2pm … filled out paperwork and they said they’d get me right in..less than 5 minutes later I’m in the room..less than 3 minutes later Dr. is in..he say X-ray will be right in.. less than 30 seconds later I’m off to X’ray..10 minutes later I’m back in the room…3 minutes later & the Dr. is back in the room and explains no rips or tears just arthritis that I can help heal with anti-inflammatories and excercise…say they will be right in to drain my knee and give me a cortisone shot..less than 1 minute later the tech is there and less than 3 minutes later procedure is done and I have instructions…I ask if it’s OK to see the X-rays and the doctor says “Sure!” and explains everything and give me a quick biology lesson to boot! By MILES the most efficient Doctor visit I have had EVER! Amazing … I’m inviting them to St. Croix! THIS is how to run a practice!!!

Dr. Duhon and team performed an anterior right hip replacement on 11/5. 2&1/2 weeks later I am pain free. I walked 1/2 mile today and look forward to resuming golf, hiking, and yoga in a few weeks. While at Scottsdale Shea I heard several very positive comments re: Dr. Duhon..nurses, physical therapists, and the Internal Med doc. Glad he was recommended to me, I’ll pass it forward!

Dr. Duhon is one of the best hip and knee replacement surgeons in the valley. I am a nurse and have had complications with my knee and need a replacement done. Although he didn’t give me the answer I wanted, he gave me the honest and correct answer. He could have lied and made money, but he didn’t. He did knee replacement surgery on a friend who is a nurse, and she was back to work in 8 weeks and is doing great 6 months later. I did my research and when I can have surgery in the future, he will be my choice. Dr. Steen Johnsen did my arthroscopy and did a great job. Both Doctors as well as the physical therapy department are friendly, answer questions, and are caring. However, I  was seen at the Glendale location. FYI I was an Orthopedic nurse in the past, and I am picky about who I see and recommend. Dr. Duhon also saw my father. So I highly recommend both Doctors. If they can work on sports teams they have to be good.

Thank you Dr. Duhon!

From the moment I met Dr. Duhon I have been and continue to be impressed with his professionalism. His knowledge and hands on diagnoses and surgical skills and exemplary.

Thank you Dr. Duhon and TOCA Staff!

Dr. Duhon is an extraordinary doctor and surgeon. He solves the patients’ problems and provides them with excellent medical advice. He is a good listener. His surgery skills are without peer.

Dr. Duhon serves these TOCA locations: