The Fusionetics Performance Health System is designed to reduce injuries, decrease pain, optimize performance, and speed recovery.

The Fusionetics Performance Health System is designed to reduce injuries, decrease pain, optimize performance, and speed recovery.


Fusionetics focus on the continuum of performance health – Move, Perform, Recover.

In addition to your Home Exercise Program, TOCA has partnered with Fusionetics. By logging in to Fusionetics free mobile app or your desktop computer you will be able to access a personalized program with instructional videos to guide you through your rehabilitation process.

Take advantage of the Fusionetics information online by simply creating a profile on the Fusionetics website:


After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you have confirmed your email, TOCA will then deliver your TOCA physician’s post-operative program to you via your computer or handheld device. The first 2-3 weeks after surgery is a very important time in your rehab, and we want to help you be as successful as possible in your journey to better health.

The dedicated team of Orthopedic Knee and Sports Medicine Physicians here at TOCA are here to help with your ACL injury! For more information or to schedule an appointment call 602-277-6211!


Standardized and efficient testing and monitoring apps to evaluate status, track progress.


Reporting and actionable analytics that makes data meaningful.


We use data to provide targeted and personalized solutions.


We provide users with personalized solutions to MOVE BETTER to prevent injury and prepare for activity.

  • Movement predicts injury
  • Exercise programs targeted to improve movement, reduce injury


Optimize performance capacity and output to Perform Stronger with targeted programming.

  • Systematic training progressions increase performance levels
  • Increased performance levels and decreased injury risk lead to increased on-field performance results


RECOVER FASTER with recovery and intentional readiness interventions.

  • Improper recovery behaviors lead to increased fatigue
  • Fatigue leads to decreased performance and injury risk

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