TOCA’s Dr. Gerald Yacobucci Shares the Benefits of Knee Preservation vs. Knee Surgery

The Benefits of Knee Preservation … And Why Knee Replacement Should Be a Last Resort

Have you put off seeking relief for knee pain for fear of having knee replacement surgery? The Orthopedic Clinic Association’s Dr. Gerald Yacobucci, MD, a fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine specialist, wants to educate patients about the many benefits of minimally invasive knee preservation and why knee replacement surgery should be viewed as a last resort.

Knee Preservation

When it comes to preserving knees, Dr. Yacobucci says, “My mission is to provide all available options to patients with damaged knees in order to relieve their pain and restore maximum function. Even more importantly, I aim to delay or even eliminate the need for total knee replacement. My sports medicine background has taught me to approach these complex knees from a preserve and protect standpoint. If possible, I only want to repair what is damaged and never replace what is still viable.”

Knee Replacement

Regarding knee replacement surgery, Dr. Yacobucci says, “I always use biology (growing or grafting with living tissue) when available and only move on to prosthetic (non-biologic) implantation when all else fails. If biology is not an option, I use a minimalist approach to prosthetic implantation. This involves using mini-implants that resurface the damaged areas only, leaving the remainder of the knee intact. Partial knee replacement is explored in many cases when the patient is younger and has a large portion of the knee that is undamaged.”

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Knee Preservation Postcard