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Do You Need Custom Orthotics?

TOCA’s Bracing Team Provides Patients with Just the Right Fit

Custom Orthosis or Custom Orthotics?

If you’ve been researching, you’ve probably found a lot of information about custom orthotics but not as much about orthoses. As a result, you might be wondering if they are the same thing.

Orthotics are simply a type of orthoses specific to the foot. And in case you’re also wondering, orthoses is the plural of orthosis (referring to a single brace).

How Can Custom Orthotics, Orthosis, or Orthoses Help Me?

Custom orthoses and braces are important “tools of the trade” for orthopedic specialists, who recommend these devices to help facilitate proper function and recovery for patients. They are typically used to correct alignment, stability, and support, and to provide protection of muscles, joints, and bones as patients heal from an injury or trauma. In essence, they are an integral part of the treatment plan, prescribed by orthopedists to help patients move and function better.

However, a properly fitted brace is essential during the rehabilitation and recovery process. A well-fitted orthosis or brace can make all the difference when it comes to reducing pain and improving function. But, there are so many types of braces and orthotics available today. That’s why it’s very important to seek out a specialist that can help you identify and fit the correct brace that can benefit your healing and recovery the most.

TOCA’s Team Helps Find the Right Fit 

With eight skilled, caring specialists and a Certified Orthotist on staff bringing a combined 120+ years of experience, TOCA’s Orthotics and Bracing Team is just the right “fit” for patients who may need a custom orthosis or non-custom braces to heal and recover faster. Although custom orthotics are usually more expensive than off-the-shelf devices, they tend to last much longer and provide additional support and correction. For patients’ convenience, TOCA’s non-custom braces are typically available the same day (pending authorization) and custom orthotics and braces are usually available within 3-10 days.

To ensure that each patient is fitted with the device that will deliver the best results, TOCA’s bracing and orthotics team takes ample time to provide one-on-one evaluation and counsel. Educating patients is also a key part of the treatment process. It is the goal of the orthotics and bracing team for each patient to leave TOCA with a good understanding of how to properly use their orthosis or brace on their own to achieve maximum results.

TOCA also understands that not all devices are created equal, and therefore the correct supplier is critical. That’s why TOCA’s bracing and orthotics team utilizes the highest quality devices available today. For example, the OTC bracing line is designed and engineered for maximum therapeutic performance as well as patient comfort. The braces are targeted to meet the needs of occupational injury patients, athletes recovering from injury, and those who simply wish to heal and return to their “everyday” routines. TOCA is also adept at fitting patients with DME (Durable Medical Equipment) orthoses to help restore function and improve quality of life for patients in rehab and with varying orthopedic conditions and needs.

When it comes to identifying custom solutions for patients – whether they need custom or non-custom orthoses – TOCA’s bracing and orthotics team is committed to delivering life-changing results!

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