Jon D. Zoltan, M.D. is a specialist in non-surgical General Orthopedics, Fracture Care & Sports Injury. He was a clinical lecturer for the University of Arizona Department of Surgery and a program clinical instructor for the Phoenix Combined Orthopedic Residency. Dr Zoltan’s articles and manuscripts have been published in numerous orthopedic publications. He has also participated in several research projects, including an evaluation of electromagnetic bone stimulation for fracture non unions and participates in ongoing clinical trials.

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Our Patients love Dr. Zoltan!

Amazed at the service I received from you!! I had an appointment with “another” orthopedic practice set for 9 days and they called me the DAY before to tell me they now didn’t take my insurance (info I could have used EIGHT DAYS AGO!!) I endured the pain for 8 days! Then I called your practice and had an appointment in two hours!’s how it went…

I went to TOCA at 2222 E. Highland at 2pm … filled out paperwork and they said they’d get me right in..less than 5 minutes later I’m in the room..less than 3 minutes later Dr. is in..he say X-ray will be right in.. less than 30 seconds later I’m off to X’ray..10 minutes later I’m back in the room…3 minutes later & the Dr. is back in the room and explains no rips or tears just arthritis that I can help heal with anti-inflammatories and excercise…say they will be right in to drain my knee and give me a cortisone shot..less than 1 minute later the tech is there and less than 3 minutes later procedure is done and I have instructions…I ask if it’s OK to see the X-rays and the doctor says “Sure!” and explains everything and give me a quick biology lesson to boot! By MILES the most efficient Doctor visit I have had EVER! Amazing … I’m inviting them to St. Croix! THIS is how to run a practice!!!

Dr zoltan rocks, great sense of humor, always explain what’s going on.  Highly recommend him for any orthopedic problems.  Thank you dr Z….

Thank you Dr. Zoltan!

Hello Dr. Zoltan, I hope this letter find you well. I wanted to reach out to you and say hello but the main purpose of this letter is to thank you very much. Please accept this as my genuine and sincere Thank you for all of your assistance, empathy and care during my treatment.

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Stem cell injections appear to be a ‘hot topic’ of discussion for our patients. To our patients stem cell is a term that really encompasses a variety of tissues which include stem cells, bone marrow aspirates, fat cells,and platelet rich plasma, etc.

Dr. Jon Zoltan, general orthopedic physician, welcomes you to TOCA.

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